Our Story

Hi, I'm Mel :)

I grew up making cards for my loved ones. It was the cheapest and easiest way for my family to send out cards (who doesn't like a hand-drawn card from a kid, no more trips to the pharmacy just for a single card 🙂).

As I grew older, I realized how stressful gifting could get. The "perfect" gift was either too expensive or nowhere to be found (or I was just forgetful and couldn't think of it 🥹) but I really really wanted to show I cared, so I started making gifts for my sigificant others and I grew to love it - the process of reminiscing good times to find inspiration for my gifts 💕, watching it slowly and carefully come together, and most of all, seeing the recipient's reaction knowing this was the best gift I could give them 🫶.

After years of crafting gifts exclusively for my loved ones, I decided to share my ideas on Instagram. The overwhelming response and encouragement led me to take a step further. Now, I'm thrilled to introduce Gifty by Mel—a platform where I transform my ideas into kits and templates that others can use to create meaningful gifts for their own loved ones. 😊

I sincerely hope that you will find joy and fulfillment in exploring Gifty by Mel. It brings me great happiness to share this passion with others and enable them to create lasting memories through thoughtful gifts. Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey, and I truly hope you enjoy what Gifty by Mel has to offer! 🫶